The EKT Platform Tools

The platform is design with EKT methodology in mind and has the necessary tools.
In the Management Tool accounts of all users from one university and their placement schools can be viewed, managed and it’s where all the necessary connections are seen. From the Management Tool one can also create online courses and subscribe the EKT Platform users to them.
The Calendar Tool is useful for organizational purposes and to make appointments for supervisions, discussions, observations, lesson study meetings etc. It is very easy to use, and you can have as many calendars as you need.
The Documents tool is the file management tool. You can store and share resources for ISP, policy documents, guidelines, reports. You can create your private folders and share with the users of the Platform or you can use shared folders by default between particular groups of users.
The Communication Tool allows to have group and one-to-one chats and video conference calls. With the EKT App, you will get notifications on your phone and you can use it as a messenger with your peers to discuss any aspects of your ISP.
The Training Tool is where you can access your online courses, such as EKT online course, and e-Portfolio.